What do we even do? Well lemme tell ya…

Fairly Local offers screen printing on shirts, apparel, and other accessories like hats, totes, gym shorts, hoodies, and more.

What can you print on?

Fairly Local can easily take your favorite hats and apparel and make them awesome. Be it T-Shirts, hoodies, hats, shorts, totes, dog scarfs, team uniforms, and more. Wanna order your employees pillow cases with your company logo on em? Boom. Need some backpacks for your baseball team? Boom. Hit us up and let’s talk about it.

Do you have order minimums?

We sure do, our minimum order is typically 25 pieces. But We’re always willing to make an exception if we have the pieces already on hand or you’re willing to wait until we’re placing an order that we can piggy back your articles on. Unfortunately, though… prices tend to run higher for custom amounts.

How do you determine pricing?

Pricing is all based on a complex matrix of things: the quantity and sizes of the pieces in your order, where we’re printing and how many screens we have to set up, the number of colors in the design and what brand and quality of shirt is ordered. But we understand that you’ve got a budget and we aren’t trying to break it. So we make sure that we work efficiently and with as little interruption as possible.

Is a deposit required?

Payment is 50/50. We ask for a deposit up front and then we square up when we complete your project.

Is there a design fee for artwork?

If we can knock it out in under an hour, no. But if it’s a more complex idea and we have to proof it and make revisions then you’re looking at a $25 artwork fee.

Can I get more than one color of shirts on the same order?

Variety if the spice of life my friend, but, if you change the color of the ink there is $15 charge per color change.

How long is your typical turnaround?

We’re gonna knock your order out and have your organization looking like business in 7-10 days after your deposit is received. And if you have a deadline, let us know ahead of time and we’ll be sure to get it out on time.

Do I get to see a mock up before production?

Of course you do. Before a shirt ever hit the press, before a screen hits the light box, you’re going to get a rendering of your order, and please check all spelling and numbers if you had us design your artwork. It’s always better to have a second set of eyes proofing it before production.
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We can’t possibly cover every question on a website, we’re not Wikipedia. So if you have a question burning a hole in your pocket give us a call. We’d love to chat with you and get some magic started.