What is it like to work with Print Box Screen Printing? Well, for us it’s as satisfying as snuggling a fluffy alpaca! I am a small business owner in a field where products representing our mission are neither readily nor reasonably available. We were so relieved to discover a company that works with us on custom marketing products at a fair price. We have ordered shirts, hoodies, bags and hats—heck, even decals for our vehicles! Print Box has a great staff and has always worked closely with us to provide a creative solution every single time. The materials are high quality, the designs are spot-on and always exceed our expectations. Nothing is better than being with our alpacas, but the availability of clothing that clearly identify who we are and what we do comes in a very close second. Having just moved from Buffalo NY, we found it easy to put down roots here in Tulsa that we know will run deep. Being a new small business, we appreciate local companies and Fairly Local has blown us away with their fast, efficient service and outstanding value!

– Candice Price independent Plexus Agent

When I went with Print Box Screen Printing & Design, for my first t-shirts, I didn’t know what to expect. The only intuition I had to go off of was a smile and a handshake. There was something about these guys that I could sense right away: genuineness. In total the process was very easy. When I sent the project files over to them, they were very fast and thorough with their responses. But when I received them? I was absolutely blown away by the quality I had gotten, as well as the turn around rate at which I received my order! This let me know that the smile and a handshake were, indeed, genuine. Thank you to the Print Box Screen Printing for making my vision a reality!

Sean Ward Champiron Athletics

The thing that makes Print Box Screen Printing different from other pushy marketing companies is their dedication to the community, and the vision they have to help local entrepreneurs thrive. This made all the difference for me and 1907. If you want someone to listen to your specific businesses needs and custom fit a plan to fulfill those needs I highly recommend Print Box.

Brie Caywood Owner of 1907

We are feeling very official now with our Farm Sweet Farm t-shirts!! I love how a bunch of random thoughts can be taken and made so beautiful. A great thanks to Print Box Screen Printing & Design for a fantastic job, so talented!!!

Nina Cason Owner of Farm Sweet Farm

I am extremely pleased with the items I received from Print Box Screen Printing. They were affordable, high quality & were ready quickly. I really enjoyed the process & felt at home ordering my items, I can’t wait to purchase more items from this company, they really know how to make you feel comfortable & give you the best experience & items.

Mindy Jones Owner of Vivid Eye Candy

Ronnie is not only a great person who shows strength and good will on a personal level, but a very creative and reliable business owner as well. He has helped us create a website for our Cafe and Catering business. He went above expectations when helping us create the pages and showed his knowledge by setting it up quickly and efficiently. The talent he has in creating things is amazing! He also created our new logo and was very patient and willing to make whatever changes we wanted no matter how many times we asked. I have seen other things he has created as well and am just as impressed which is why we chose him to be the one to help us on this journey of branding and building a website. He is always looking for new avenues to expand his business ventures and is very knowledgeable about his profession. I would recommend Ronnie to anyone who needs branding, websites, decals, t shirts, or just advice on how to go about any of these listed things. He is easy to get a hold of and has assured us he would still be available for help with our website in the future if we needed anything. You can not find that kind of service with a corporate company!

Amanda and Dixie Owners and Operators of Dixie’s Cafe and Catering